Full Truck Load

Road & Rail / FERCAM Full Truck Load

FERCAM: On time, fast and environmentally conscious
With its large fleet of vehicles and extensive road and rail transport network throughout Europe and across the Mediterranean, FERCAM satisfies the transport needs of its clients thanks to its long experience with Full Truck Loads.
Whether it’s road, rail or combined transport, FERCAM plans optimal transport solutions for its clients, based on their specific needs. In choosing FERCAM as their transportation partner, clients can trust a top level service to match their requirements while helping to safeguard the environment.

FERCAM has always been attentive to the environmental impact of its transport services. This is proved by the renewal of its fleet of vehicles that constantly meet the latest European emission standards. FERCAM’s team of experienced, professional drivers attend 160 refresher courses a year to maintain their driving skills at peak level.
FERCAM works 365 days a year, 24/7, to ensure the traceability of your goods, offering guaranteed services backed up by a team of experts.

Besides the transportation of ordinary cargo, FERCAM’s transport services include refrigerated transport, Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) and abnormal/oversized loads.